Bennett Lynch

June 11th, 2027

[info]kin @ 09:12 pm

Bennett Lynch. 26. Son of Caroline Williamson-Lynch. Twin brother of Sarah Lynch.

Semi-professional nerd, more or less. Works for his mother's high-end auction company, and does miscellaneous tech support for other Williamsons as needed. Hosts a few geek-based podcasts and likes to rant about comic books online- sometimes he even gets paid for it. Goes by BZ online- his middle name is Zachary.

Kinks: giving and receiving oral, fingering, sexting, video chat, light bondage, creampies, role play, semi-public sex. More TBD. nsfw gifs.

Limits: anything that belongs in a bathroom, blood/gore/violence, non-con.

timezone. us eastern pb. bradley james


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Bennett Lynch